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Costuming And Prop Resources

New larpers may find it tricky to get costuming at first, but here are just a few businesses to peruse!
Check out your local thrift stores, too, they might have something wonderful to adopt!

LarpHack's Ultimate Larp Calendar
Includes description, link & campsite info on all weekend long boffer larps in the New England area (calendar in gold) and a variety of larps in North America (calendar in burnt orange). Some of these LARPs do CP exchange with NERO World chapters!


A podcast about all things Live-Action Roleplaying.

Join them and their guests as they dissect, dicuss, debate, and debunk the many facets of the LARP experience!



We are your one stop shop for Medieval Swords, Renaissance Clothing and many other items. We have been serving the online community since 2003.


Since 2005, Les Artisans d'Azure is a company with several components and various services adapted for the LARP players needs and the geek community. Based in Canada, we ship to the US.

Another great medieval one-stop-shop - costume and accessories, books and cabin decorations, and tons of real arms and armor!

Pendragon Costumes

They have expanded their selection to include a wide range of men's and women's clothing, but they are well-known for their leather doublets (for men) and bodices (for women), based on designs found in Europe during the late 1500's. You've seen them at King Richard's Faire, now order them online!

The Lost Spool

Custom renaissance clothing, L.A.R.P. clothing, alterations, and embroidery in Dayville, Connecticut.

Dragon's Treasure

A provider of costumes and supplies for Historical Reenactor’s, Larpers, Cosplay, Steampunk and fantasy enthusiasts.

Based in Tucson, AZ, the grand-daddy of all medieval supply stores. They have a wide selection of clothing, accessories, armor, weapons, and other Medieval and Renaissance merchandise. A great place for new players to start building their costume!

By the Sword

A wonderful resource for all things medieval - basic costume, leather goods (including very reasonably-priced armor), gifts, and a huge selection of reproduction arms (real weapons) and armor!

A local merchant in Brockton, MA, they have a fantastic selection of medieval costume pieces. For all you Highlanders out there, they have an entire section with a Celtic motif. Sturdy, well-made clothes that will take a beating, made mostly of cotton and poly/cotton blends.

The Tights Goddess

Coming to us from Arlington, TX, a site chock-full of everyone's favorite garb, TIGHTS! The tights come in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles, in cotton, nylon, crushed (panne) velvet and "liquid" (uncrushed) velvet.


Our Latex Larp Weapons were designed for live action role play. Find the foam weapons you need within our large selection of swords, daggers, axes, staves, shields and throwing weapons. Our foam weapons are accepted around the world and known for their safety and our weapons are light weight, flexible and able to withstand hard blows.

War Goddess Designs

We are purveyors of the finest in original and OOAK bespoke ultralight shields for LARP and cosplay. Each piece is hand crafted, carefully cut and built with an eye for quality, durability and style.



Located in Alberta, Canada, Valentine Armouries has an awe-inspiring selection of historical armor replicas from all different time periods (mostly plate mail, a small amount of chain mail), as well as a wide selection of costumes, ranging from Ancient Roman togas, to 19th Century Napoleonic uniforms! Check out their Medieval-inspired Fantasy Wear section!



Founded in 2001, The Tudor Shoppe provides reproduction Tudor Era (1485-1603) and related goods to individuals, stage productions, television shows, museums, historic sites, educational institutions, and re-enactment societies.

Firemouse Musings

Custom hand-wrought sterling silver, copper, brass and gemstones. Steampunk guns and goggles. Come in, find something you love for LARPing or medieval faires and ritual work.



Eclectic Nature Jewelry & Design creates handcrafted, custom designed work in silver, gold, and other metals, often with themes found in nature.


Based in Savannah, Georgia, Son of Sandlar are resonsible for those cool boots with all the lacing on them, otherwise known as the Peasant Boot! Everything is handmade - takes a bit longer, but definately worth it. They do high boots, low "slipper"-style boots, as well as custom designs in your colors or insignias - check them out!

From Plantersville, TX, shoes, sandals and slippers for those who cannot stand big, heavy boots! A unique design of European origin, these shoes are traced back to Celtic times and were commonly known as a "Bog Shoe" or "Ghillie". Available in Low Top Moccasins (the classic ghillie), High Top Moccasins, Open Toe Sandals and Tall Boots. Comfy!

Tucked away in Winston, Oregon, they are creators of handmade boots and moccasins. Their designs range from Western to Medieval, are made of near-indestructable American Bison, and come in a wide range of fanciful colors and styles.

Make-Up & SFX

Joker's Wild

With two locations in North Reading and Danvers, Massachusetts, they are a favorite local source for makeup and props/accessories. Their website is informational-only, but has good directions to their locations! Mention that you are from NERO for a discount!

Bad Planet

Great name! Bad Planet has a gigantic selection of all different types of masks and props, for the NPC in all of us!

Latex and latex-free elf ear in many shapes and shades, horns and other prosthetics, adhesives and removers. Based in Nashville, TN and a favorite to many LARPers.

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