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What does NERO WORLD have to offer?

  • Member Database (Contact Information, Goblin Point history, Change Log)

  • Interactive Character Database, that allows the members to:

    • Create new Characters

    • Modify existing Characters

    • Print Character Cards (complete with Formal Magics and character-linked magic items)

    • Update characters after events

    • Enter character history and background

    • Upload photos of their character

    • Transfer silver from their character to another member's character

  • Copy characters to other chapters

  • Transfer membership to another chapter

  • List upcoming Events for any and all chapters

  • View a calendar of all upcoming events

  • Register for events as a Player or an NPC, including the ability to pay for the event online

  • Use an online storefront to:

    • Renew Membership

    • Buy Build for their character(s)

    • Donate to their local chapter

  • Spend Goblin Points at the Goblin Point Exchange (an online store)

    • Buy Back Deaths

    • Buy Blankets of XP for characters

    • Convert Goblin Points into Silver

    • Purchase a custom made magic item

    • Purchase Production Items

    • Purchase Formal Magic Scrolls, Components and Cantrip Pages

    • And more..

Administration functionality includes:

  • Member Editor (Member Contact Information, Goblin Point Editor and Log, Security Permissions, FULL history of actions and transactions)

  • Character Editor (modify character name, title, race, class, XP, deaths, bank, ritual magics, magic items)

  • Event Editor (set up pricing structures and discounts, as well as schedule events ranging from small RP sessions to 2 week events)

  • Magic Item Editor (create and distribute custom designed magic items for members' characters)

  • Chapter News

  • Chapter Locations

  • Chapter Staff Members and Marshalls

  • Event Logistics (automate payment tracking, check-in, check-out, disbursement of event rewards and email summaries to the event attendees)

  • Auto Blanketing System (allow subscribed members to automatically convert goblin points into XP blankets for selected characters each week)

Other System Features:

  • Integrated purchases for online Event Registration, Membership Renewal, Build purchases and Chapter Donations through PayPal

  • Full Logging of all changes and transactions. All logs are completely searchable

  • Automated database backups

  • Anti-spam email distribution system

  • Member Rewards system (membership renewal, birthdays)

  • Survey module

  • Magazine module

  • Web Chat module

  • Multi-file, Drag & Drop File Management module

  • Site statistics module

  • Style/Theme builder

  • Two tier user security

  • FIPS Compliant

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