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NPCs Should Bring;

  • Basic Black Costumes (no logos, no modern looking stuff)

  • Try to wear plain brown or black boots/shoes without logos

  • Belt pouch or belt with hanging bag/pouch


  • Non-perishable foods (i.e., foods that will outlast a nuclear holocaust) such as;

  • Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Ring-Dings, and other obscene sounding not-quite-baked products

  • PopTarts

  • Pudding Cups

  • Candy. Any kind.

  • Gatorade

  • Tang powder

  • Water in a jug

NERO World has a zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol. Anyone caught indulging in either during a NERO World sanctioned event will be  expelled from the site, no refund given. You may also be banned from the game and face criminal charges.


PCs should Bring;

  • All character garb, props, tags, and in-game items

  • If you do combat, you'll want your weapon reps

  • and maybe a Weapon Repair Kit, including: Open-cell Foam, Closed-cell Foam, Duct Tape, Sharp Pointy Tool, Scissors

  • If you play a makeup race, you'll want makeup removal wipes for cleanup. Baby wipes, Ponds cold cream or coconut oil could also work.

  • If you're a spell caster or alchemist, you'll need Packet-Making Materials: Fabric scraps of any color, orange is only used for gas globes, rubber bands, birdseed (WITHOUT sunflower seeds!)

Everyone should Bring;

  • Warm bedding - sleeping bag, blankets, pillow, etc - but be sure you know whether you'll be camping in heated facilities or not, and what to expect of the region's weather

  • Extra Socks

  • Deodorant!! Toothbrush, toothpaste

  • Towel and other assorted bathroom supplies, showers are available at some camps so come prepared

  • Hiking Boots or Other Sturdy Walking Stuff

  • Some cash for food

  • Prepared food is available for sale during events. Lots of folks go out to eat together after events

  • Gelled Pocket Flashlight

  • If you aren't completely familiar with the spell system, it doesn't hurt to have a copy of it on you

  • A good attitude

Also - Don't forget, if you need some brownie points or even some Goblin Stamps, most chapters are desperate for NPC packets and weapons - sometimes even props and costumes... call ahead to see what's needed, but it's pretty likely you'll be the hit of NPC camp if you come strolling in with some weapon reps and a bag of orange spell packets.


Camp Haiastan does not allow food or drink in the PC cabins. All food must be stored and consumed in or around the tavern only. Refrigerator space is available there and grilling food is allowed on the tavern porch.

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