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For Chapter Owners:

  • No royalties

  • No profit reporting

  • Simply pay $100 per year for your chapter database fee

That's it. No catch!

For Players:
*No membership fees
*You pay $3.00 (per player per game day) data upkeep fee

For Staff and NPCs:
*You come for free!

Benefits of NERO World!

We are excited to have you with us! We look forward to working with you to provide a fun and exciting game experience for your players, and to helping you to be successful. Let’s get you started.


Here are the steps:

  1. You and we complete license agreement. Done!

  2. You pay the $50 setup fee – choose one of the following payment methods

    1. Check to:
      NERO World LLC
      309 Mountain Laurel
      Asheville, NC 28805

    2. PayPal to:

  3. We set several things in motion:

    1. We notify Rodd Stochaj, Customer Relations, who handles entering new chapters into the database, that you are authorized to set up your chapter

    2. We notify our webmaster, that you are a new chapter, asking them to put your information on our web site so players can find you

    3. We put out announcements on social media welcoming you to NERO World and notifying prospective players that there’s a new game available!

  4. Setup

    1. Rodd contacts you and tells you what he needs to do the setup

    2. You provide the information to Rodd

    3. Rodd inputs it

  5. Then you will be good to go! Tell us your schedule of events so we can publicize them on our website. You may want to give us a brief description of your chapter to entice new players to come to your events.


Tell us if you need help with anything like coins, insurance, venues, or anything else we can do to help make your game successful.


As of October 1, 2018, we will no longer be able to allow any unlicensed use of the NERO trademark. The last thing we want is to shut down anyone’s game, so if you have been operating under a “license” that was granted to you under false pretenses, we will prioritize your application.

Working with a legitimate NERO World license comes with a host of other advantages. Your financials are streamlined for easy accounting. You pay $100 per year for your chapter database fee.. That’s it. The rest of your business is your business.

Logistics with NERO World are straightforward, too. For example, when you need coin, your license gives you the right to order directly from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer ships directly to you.

Most importantly, NERO World is led by Ford Ivey, the original creator and founder of NERO. For Ford, NERO is more than just a cash cow. NERO is his legacy, and he understands that it is formed by the community and the people who make it up.

As a NERO World chapter owner, your voice matters in regional representation, which in turn has a voice in rules and national plot.

You probably have concerns about being attacked in court or even publicly defamed if you sign up. You can rest assured that our legal team will defend both you and your production company if either happens. So far, our legal team has been involved in the defense of six actual lawsuits and dozens of threats of various types against people all over the country by the former owner of NERO International after they ended their business relationships with him. Three of the suits were dismissed by the courts for “lack of standing,” which means the plaintiff could not show he even had the right to sue. The other three are currently working through the federal administrative court, and while the plaintiff has had over a year and five tries to prove that he has the right to sue, he has been unable to do so. The court has been extremely patient with him, but we expect this to end soon. You won’t have to worry about being harassed. You can turn it over to our legal team.

It is time to rebuild the NERO community. If you have been falsely sold or leased use of the NERO name, NERO World would like to work with you so you can use the name legally. Please contact us to make arrangements.

For any further questions regarding this, please send your emails to

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