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Goblin stamps are "points" you can use to expand your character's skills, purchase in-game items, or buy back deaths from your character.  Besides the armor and weapon rates listed below, we may have a use for other props, costuming and armor. If you have an idea for something you'd like to contribute for NPC Camp, please send your ideas to the chapter owners, so that they may discuss details.

Please check with the Plot Team before beginning construction on equipment, they may have limited storage space.



  • Woochie elf ears             25 goblin per set

  • Cool masks that can be used for various plots (contact plot to check)

  • Spirit Gum

  • Rope lights (blue/purple/red. NO WHITE)


  • General Packets         1 goblin per 3 packets

  • Orange packets         1 goblin per 3 packets      



  • Gatorade Powder in lg canister szs       10 goblin per

  • Water or Gatorade for the NPCs           Varies

  • Candy, fruit, jerky for the NPCs              Varies

  • Food for crockpots                                  Varies

Weapon Donations

                                    PVC              Ultralight

Longswords               60                  100

Claws                          40                  60

Two handers              150                 200

Daggers                     40                   60

Bows                           100                150

Short Swords              40                  60

Shields                        75 (wood)     150 (plastic)



  • Battery Powered Rope Lights (extra gobby offered)

  • Battery power strips (extra gobby offered)

  • Mehron Pancake Make-up & Sponges

  • Bottles of Mehron liquid makeup - In the following priority order: black, white, red, brown, green, yellow, glow-in-the-dark, purple, orange (10-25 goblin per bottle, depending on size)

  • Large rolls of black plastic sheeting (extra gobby offered)

  • Unused elf ears

  • Makeup crayons/pencils (black / red / blue / green)

  • Silver exchanged for gold/platinum or gems 

  • Plastic Stone wall (backdrop)

  • Flame lamps (battery powered & plug in)

  • Scarring liquid (Rigid Collodion)

  • Disposable drink cups (hot or cold)

  • Packaged batteries (AA, C & D)

  • Polyester resin and fiberglass cloth

Chain Maille Donations

                                 Plain         With Shoulder Plate

Full shirt                   600           700

Half shirt                  300            400

Quarter Shirt)          100            200

Please make sure your weapons, shields and armor donations are NERO World legal.

Don't forget, if you need some brownie points or even some Goblin Stamps, most chapters are desperate for NPC packets and weapons - sometimes even props and costumes... call ahead to see what's needed, but it's pretty likely you'll be the hit of NPC camp if you come strolling in with some snacks, weapon reps or a bag of orange spell packets.

Donation Wishlist

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